workshop Inconsistencies v0.3

I was doing workshop with other students from  University of BelgradeNovember 2011, workshop and exhibition at O3ONE gallery.


from the website:

Over the period of the last twelve months, 4of7 architects have conducted several workshops to explore structural capabilities of ‘inconsistent’ building materials. All experiments are based on widely accessible resources, often used in everyday life, and easy to do techniques.  In the third and most recent phase of the project, 12 kg of yellow rubber bands were employed as construction components of a complex spatial structure. In general, rubber based materials are exploited for their ability to flex and change according to the specific external influence and then return to the pre-deformed condition.  In our case, initial building strategy was based on the rule based system applicable to modular components while later stage of the construction relied on material properties to which overall geometry became subordinate.  Elasticity, or behavior of the matter and form confined to the reversible deformation range, was essential to the design and construction process. Previously identical modular components have reacted to tension forces and have gone through a process of gradual change to adapt according to local conditions. That way, overall stability of the structure became reliant on the multitude of local variations. Knowledge and ideas gathered in the previous phases of the project were transferred into this phase of the projects but there were neither drawings nor models produced prior to the construction process. Information was distributed amongst the assembly team members as a series of oral instructions, structured into a design and build protocol. The assembly at O3one Art Space took three days to complete with the help of students from the University of Belgrade and was documented in a time lapse sequence of photos.

4of7: Djordje Stojanovic, Milutin Cerovic and  Milica Tasic.





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